The Semco Style Institute UK (SSI UK), is on a mission to shape the future of work.

Every leader wants an organisation full of highly engaged, productive and creative teams. Yet engagement, productivity and innovation are at rock bottom. 

We believe the system is broken and needs to be transformed.

In the 1980s, Ricardo Semler transformed his company Semco into a self-managed organisation and gained international recognition for his ground-breaking approach to management.

By democratising his company and flipping the traditional corporate hierarchy on its head, he achieved outstanding business growth with extremely low employee turnover.

He demonstrated that autonomous, self-managed teams succeed because they have a greater sense of responsibility.  

Now SSI UK brings a proven method to guide people on their own path to self-management. It is a method that makes an impact on business results, improves overall performance and delivers happier, more engaged employees.

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Our approach is all about adding your own recipe to the world’s best management cookbook. Our three favourite ingredients are:

Maverick Ricardo Semler co-founded the international Semco Style network. We developed a method to help organisations implement a human-centred workplace. We now go beyond the initial practices of Semco and continually develop new practices and share learnings from an international network of 14 countries.
The Semco Style Framework: Five pivotal principles, 15 pillars and 100+ practices that will expertly guide you towards a self-managed workplace.
The Semco Style Roadmap – created to guide you on your way to self-management. We can answer the two most commonly asked questions “Where do I begin?” and “What comes next?”. This is not based on theory but the result of documenting the work we have undertaken with companies of all sizes across the globe.


We believe that many organisations today are failing to realise their potential. They are still operating with outdated systems and processes and are no longer fit for the new world of work. The future of work is a more human-centred, self-managed and agile workplace. We are spearheading this transformation.


We use the Semco Style Roadmap to help leaders and teams navigate the change process and provide an overview of the journey. The Semco Style Framework offers tested tools and practices that clients can make their own and implement immediately to get better results fast.


We provide consultation and inspirational coaching to owners, leaders, internal change agents and team members. Our high-impact, blended learning experiences mix virtual collaboration tools with immersive in-person experiences and events. Our online diagnostics will deliver powerful insights into your own style as well as the needs of your organisation.

Semco Style framework diagram

Semco Style Framework

Semco Style Roadmap Diagram

Semco Style Roadmap


We aim to change how businesses work through one high-impact intervention at a time. Our accessible and creative learning programmes deliver innovative, blended learning solutions that combine the best of immersive, in-person experiences with a dynamic virtual learning journey.

Whether it’s through consulting, coaching or training, we help our clients create the future of work.

Blended learning experiences

Since 2020, the world has needed to migrate into the virtual, digital space. Meetings, conferences and events have all embraced the value of digital technology to connect people and create opportunities to communicate in a virtual way.

While the technology serves us well, we also recognise the importance of stepping away from our usual work or home environment and immersing ourselves in dedicated learning time in a new space.

As such, part of our programmes will be spent with like-minded individuals in some of the UK’s most impressive spaces that provide the best settings for learning.

the semco style institute in the UK – PART OF A GLOBAL NETWORK

The Semco Style Institute UK (SSI UK) is part of a global movement that began over 40 years ago with the pioneering work of Ricardo Semler in Brazil. Building on this strong foundation, the Semco Style Institute (SSI) was founded in the Netherlands in 2016 and has developed significantly in recent years - SSI is now active in 15 countries, with over 700 consultants and more than 500 clients experiencing new ways of working.

The time is right to expand the Semco Style thinking to the UK. For centuries, Great Britain has been a powerhouse of industry, leading the way with scientific discovery, innovative methods of production and successful new markets. We have a proud heritage of sector-leading businesses that we have shared with the world.

Yet, in terms of how we work, we have rested on our heritage for too long, favouring traditional thinking around organisational structure and development. With the huge changes the business world has seen over recent years, now is the time for UK organisations to adapt alongside other progressive pioneers to create working environments where employees are able to thrive and do their best work.

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Growth and profitability are a product of how people work together.

- Ricardo Semler

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