The Agile Culture essentials Programme

In today’s rapidly changing work environment, being highly adaptive and responsive is critical to business success. Many organisations have turned to Agile methods as a way to handle the rapid pace of change, but all too often report challenges in implementation and adoption. The number one obstacle is the cultural readiness for Agile practices.

For coaches and managers, our immersive multi-day experience provides more in-depth implementation tools to support the adoption of Agile practices with the cultural support to reinforce and embed.

Agile cultures professional certification: what is it?

Our in-depth, multi-module certification programme focuses on equipping leaders and coaches with the expertise to transform the organisational culture and align the wider organisation with areas where Agile practices are already being applied for greater success. 

Immersive simulation exercises offer you first-hand experience of the behaviours that should be adopted AND avoided. We will focus on the fundamental principles of Agile and how these integrate with the Semco Style Framework to support culture change throughout an entire organisation.

Agile culture essentials programme

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Who is it for?

Aimed at leaders and coaches working through aligning wider organisational and management challenges to embed Agile principles.


Our creative and innovative learning programmes will deliver transformational results to you, your team and your organisation.

❯ Impact on you

  • Practical strategies to prepare the organisation or client for a shift towards Agile practices and mindset
  • Meet like-minded people and build your network

❯ Impact on your team

  • Clarity for leadership and team commitments
  • A set of team skills and practices to support the cultural shift

❯ Impact on your organisation

  • Realise the ROI in your Agile development
  • Accelerated innovation to get ahead of the competition

What you will experience

This multi-module, in-depth certification programme uses a mix of Semco Style tools, role play, case studies and group discussion. 

Launch webinar: Introduction to the programme and group cohorts to prepare you for the journey ahead.

Invitation to complete the ‘Organisational Selfie’: Ahead of joining the first session, we invite you to complete Semco Style’s proprietary insight tool.

1-day in-person immersive: Exploring the value of the five Semco Style principles in the context of your culture and readiness for Agile practices and implementation, as well as developing your Agile leadership.

2x virtual sessions: Agile team skills: beneath the surface – what are the key skills teams need to master to move beyond superficial application of practices? Supported with practitioner perspectives and insights.

1-day in-person immersive: Building the organisational muscle for Agile and creating a culture that brings all the learning together.

Digital Credly badge – on completion of the programme, this internationally-recognised digital credential will be awarded. Post to your LinkedIn profile as evidence of your continued professional development.


Access to the ecosystem and Semco Style toolkit with over 100 practices and inspiring case studies

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