Diving into Self-management with the EODF

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Semco Team

In June, we teamed up with our Italian colleague Pietro Antolini to dive into self-management with the European Organisational Design Forum on a LinkedIn Live.  

This collaboration brings together two pioneering entities dedicated to transforming workplaces through innovative and human-centric approaches.

The EODF has long been at the forefront of fostering progressive organisational design. Their mission is to create a community where thought leaders and practitioners can exchange ideas, share experiences, and explore cutting-edge methodologies. The forum's commitment to shaping the future of work aligns seamlessly with the ethos of the Semco Style Institute.

On this LinkedIn Live, our discussion was for those who are completely new to the practices and principles of Semco Style, but have perhaps heard about the power of greater autonomy and self-management.  

In this session, Lizzie and Pietro share their personal journeys of discovering Semco Style, as well offering insights into how it’s put into practice, and how it compares to other self-management models.  

The session also addresses common challenges and misconceptions about self-management, providing practical strategies to overcome them.

Moreover, this collaboration is not just about theoretical discussions; it is about actionable insights.  

If you’re eager to learn more, join one of our next live webinars.

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